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Shea Scudder

Core team member

My name is Shea I am 18 years young and I’ve been dancing since about 7 and started off with house and went on to Afro at the age of 13 where I joined a group. I currently study a level 3 diploma in dance at a performing arts school and going on to achieve a BA HONS in dance. My main style is Afro but I have and still is exploring, commercial, house and hip-hop foundations. I’ve always known that performing and being on stage was for me as when on stage you forget about everything and any problems going on and that helps a lot for me as I am a young career, faced with new battles everyday. I want to use dance as a vehicle to break barriers, systematic errors and stereotypes in communities that I grew up in. I’d say that I’m a very focused, outgoing and determined person who wants to help and  encourage everyone ! 

I joined Afroqueens early June and have loved every single moment of it. The love, positivity and encouragement that is brought to the rehearsal space every session is so warming. Honestly one of the best experiences every single week. 

Shea Scudder
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