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  • How do I join the dance group?
    We are always open to new members in our team. To find out more information, you can email us on or contact us via the contact form on the "contact us" page
  • Is the AFROQUEENS movement only for women in Afro?
    The movement as a whole started to uplift women in the AfroDance scene including dancers, teachers, choreographers and creatives within the community as a whole. This has quickly expanded and we of course uplift our kings in the community who dedicate their time, knowledge and craft to the betterment of the Afro scene
  • Are the clothes true to size?
    Yes, the clothes are true to size and have a beautiful finish and fit! If you are unsure about the sizes, please see reference pictures on each item for a more visual overview on what they look like when worn
  • What if I don't like the items I bought?
    We would like to think you will be very happy with your items, however if for any reason you are not; we will be more than happy to exchange this for you. Please see our Returns policy for more details
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