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Elsa Roy Gupta

Core team member

Elsa Roy Gupta is a visionary and passionate artist who pursued Dance (BA) from the university of Roehampton, London. Originally from India, but currently based in London. Elsa is trained in, Modern African dance styles, Contemporary technique, Ballet, Contact improvisation, Floor-work and more. 

She is an experienced choreographer in the teaching and performance world. Creativity, cultural aspects, movement direction, and stage performances are some of her strengths. Known by her power, traditions, and fun loving attributes. 

She quotes “I cherish what I work for and respect what I build. As an artist, I embrace and share my stories and feelings through movement and it’s depth”.  Cheerful and out going person but better characterised as an ambivert.

I am a current member of WE ARE AFROQUEENS Dance Company based in the UK. I started in the year 2022, August. Something that I’m grateful to this family is, it helped me overcome my fears. To me, we are more than a company, it’s my home, a family that builds its form block by block, steady and beautiful. I just love how we get supported, encouraged , and pushed by  each other to achieve and grow to our full potential. 

Elsa Roy Gupta
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